Even one drink a day ups breast cancer risks among women

Alcohol consumption, whether moderate or excessive, poses risk to psychological and physical well-being of an individual. What begins as a fun activity with peers and in social circles, or as a means to get rid of life’s stressors, soon becomes symbolic of ugly hangovers, anxiety, depression, liver damage and heart failure.  Read more

Ensure holistic integration to ensure long-term recovery from alcoholism

Excessive and consistent indulgence in drinking can cause a long-term economic burden in the form of compensation and employer liabilities. Compared to nonalcoholic employees, those who tend to indulge in drinking on a regular basis pose a number of challenges to their employers, such as poor performance, unpunctuality, absenteeism, aggressive behavior, etc. Read more

Tips to tame guilt during alcohol addiction recovery

Once a person enters recovery, he or she is swarmed with a feeling of extreme guilt. During an addiction, one is only concerned about procuring the next drink or dose of drug and in the process, one is least concerned about the harm caused to the self and people connected to them. Addiction is a chronic disease that can affect a person’s health, relationships, finances, job and even home. However, one can do absolutely nothing about the past. Therefore, one must be able to deal with these guilt pangs effectively, so as not to feel so helpless that relapse occurs and one gets into a vicious cycle of addiction and relapse. Read more

Regular consumption of coffee can reduce alcoholic liver damage

Excessive consumption of alcohol is associated with innumerable health disorders. Alcohol-related liver disease is one of the most life-threatening conditions that occur after years of heavy drinking. Although it is not possible to reverse the damage completely, an October 2016 study showed that the inherent risk of alcoholic hepatitis can be reduced if people in the high-risk category drank coffee regularly. Previous studies had also revealed the beneficial effects of coffee on liver health. Read more

Is controlled drinking on campuses better than total abstinence?

Many youngsters prefer alcohol as the drug of choice. This is the reason why many young people today are more vulnerable to the serious outcomes of underage drinking than ever before. Of late, underage drinking has become a serious public health issue in the United States. Although drinking in school and college campuses are largely prohibited, many students partake in binge drinking even inside college campuses. Read more