Alcohol effects on breath

One of the many negative side effects associated with drinking alcohol is bad breath. Take the girlfriend who insists that her boyfriend wash his mouth out before a kiss due to drinking whiskey. Of course, bad breath can also be a warning sign for a police officer who pulls over a drunk driver. Though a drinker can attempt to conceal unpleasant breath with a mint or similar method, this obviously will not address any risky or dangerous behavior that can occur due to being under the influence. Read more

Red cup in the hot seat: exploring alcohol related charges and open containers in vehicles

Drinking and driving continues to be a serious and pressing social issue. Countless lives have been lost as a result and many more have been seriously damaged due to alcohol-related traffic accidents. Therefore, having an open container of alcohol present in a car, whether or not someone is charged with a DUI, still needs to be taken seriously. This is because drinking alcohol while driving is a legal offense nationwide, according to Florida attorneys such as Proly, Laporte & Mulligan, P.A. Those who use alcohol irresponsibly and also drive a car can often risk both their lives and the lives of other drivers by drinking while they are in transit in a vehicle.

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