Concealing drug production at a home or business

Unfortunately, a private residence or otherwise legitimate business can serve as a place where illicit drugs are bought and sold. A home or apartment will be used for the obvious reasons of convenience, not to mention it means drugs will not be visible to segments of the disapproving public in such areas. Though the phrase “crack house” is something of a cliché, it nonetheless would not exist unless specific homes with this problem were a reality, as they can be in certain urban areas.

Giveaway signs

Having privacy is an assumed privilege of purchasing a home and is the biggest purchase many people will ever make in their lives, according to

Say the resident is indeed preparing crack cocaine on their stove and using privately in their residence. Cooking drugs such as meth for example, can produce strong fumes and this can tempt a person to let them out through a window screen, for example. Others nearby could now be exposed to such fumes, as detailed on and reasonably be quite opposed to this.

Another problem is waste disposal. Again, producing drugs such as meth in the home will cause toxic chemicals to be present and if these are not properly disposed of, they can present a hazard to the public. There have been cases where those who purchase a home that previously served as a meth lab fell ill as a result, according to a news story at


The most viable solution for those who have faced legal or other possible complication as a result of drug use can be a holistic treatment program. This will allow the individual the opportunity to detox from drugs physically and then begin different forms of therapy. However, the importance of avoiding triggering people and situations in the future will be essential.

Perhaps a drug user has seen a number of financial complications due to being involved with controlled substances. This could be due to legal punishments or unsavory characters involved in the illicit trade. He or she could be using drugs to augment income when the time and energy could be spent on a more legitimate business venture that helps people instead of actually harming them or even risking their lives.

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