Dangers of Everclear and other extremely strong liquors

Alcoholism is clearly a real and serious illness and while some could choose beer or wine, others could choose hard liquor. This will offer the allure of becoming intoxicated considerably more quickly, due to the higher concentration of alcohol present, though some simply prefer the taste of mixed drinks overall for instance.


Perhaps the strongest liquor of all is Everclear, which can be up to 190 proof or 95 percent alcohol, according to Men’s Journal. Grain alcohol is banned in several states due to the high potential for abuse. For some drinkers, it could take as little as one shot to be considered extreme to a degree. Some, individuals who drink little or no hard liquor, could actually have a gagging reflex from drinking this liquor if they are not careful.

Law by state

The legality of this liquor varies on a state by state basis, according to TheGuardian.com. The liquor is not available for sale in states such as California, Minnesota and Ohio. Two versions of the drink are available in areas where legally allowed, with a weaker version of 153 proof that is often now replacing the almost pure version in certain regions. For example, Florida allows this more diluted version for sale as opposed to the variety that is 95 percent pure. Of course, some could choose to manufacture their own bootleg hard liquor. Though this is increasingly popular among certain aficionados, it remains in fact illegal.

Drinking and parties

Unfortunately, drinking that happens at parties where excessive indulgence is encouraged could lead to unfortunate consequences. For example, according to NYDailyNews, a Florida mother received penalties for furnishing alcohol to teenagers in 2013. In the worst case scenario, an irresponsible drinker could be rushed to the hospital. Hard liquor, especially the most potent forms such as Everclear, can compound this risk. Perhaps a group of friends are playing a drinking game with a deck of cards. A person could lose repeatedly and be goaded on by others to drink his or her share. Yet if too much alcohol is drunk too soon, the results can be disastrous. The purer concentration of hard liquor can make this especially possible, such as the person who does not wait long enough between taking shots over the course of an evening.

Alcoholics individually

Say a heavy drinker clearly has a problem with a substance such as Everclear, whether he or she wants to admit it or not. This person could tell themselves, I’ll simply switch to beer or wine. I will be less likely to become as intoxicated and it probably won’t be as bad for my health. Yet for those with true alcohol dependence, this will not be a real solution. Instead, the alcoholic will simply often drink greater amounts of beer or wine in order to achieve similar effects. A true patient with alcohol dependence can rarely or never simply have one or two drinks and be satisfied. These people will often buy large amounts of alcoholic drinks at a time. Of course, a grocery store clerk could simply assume this alcohol will be shared with others when this is not necessarily the case.


Instead, the true solution will instead be treatment. Inpatient treatment could be a more appropriate option in the most extreme cases, where simply being in the presence of alcohol can cause irresistible urges to drink. Yet outpatient options will often be fairly stringent as well. The bottom line is that a person that is drinking Everclear undiluted, especially on a regular basis, could be playing a dangerous game with a poison that can kill. Those who choose to ignore such red flags will only be putting their livelihood and wellbeing of themselves as risk, as well as concerned loved ones who often see the dangers more clearly. Florida Alcohol Addiction is a resource for reputable information to assist those experiencing troubled lives due to alcoholism. Please contact us today at 866-220-5381 to learn more on how to initiate recovery.

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