Dangers of mixing alcohol and energy drinks

Alcohol energy drinks became popular in the second half of the last decade, but are now almost impossible to find since it has been forced off the market by the FDA and other authorities. However, the recent drinking trends of mixing alcoholic beverages with energy drinks have led to serious concerns.

There are some controversial products still available that intentionally serve as both alcoholic as well as energy drink. One of its dangers is that those drinking such combinations can feel more awake than they would otherwise and perhaps drink more than they should. These drinkers can also consume more calories and sugar than they would otherwise as a result.

Associated dangers

According to drinkaware.co.uk, those who drink alcohol and energy drink combinations are more likely to experience side effects such as sleeplessness, agitation and palpitations. One is also likely to consume more calories, which can lead to greater instances of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Tendency to drink more

Those who drink alcohol in combination with energy drinks tend to drink more. This is because people will often be more likely to feel alert despite being under the influence, leading to greater odds of poor judgment. They may think they are not that inebriated when in reality they are. High quantities of caffeine can also lead to increased heart rate, which is also the case with alcohol. Though alcohol can assist with sedating a drinker in the short term, it can later cause the person to awaken during the night. Insomnia can further be exacerbated by the caffeine content of the energy drinks.

Dangers of intoxicated driving

According to caffeineinformer.com, a research study has determined that those who drink alcohol in combination with energy drinks are more likely to operate a vehicle than those who drink alcohol alone. Another finding was that those drinking such mixtures were also more likely to ride as a passenger with another who is under the influence. This could be related to the fact that some can be mistaken about how intoxicated they truly are due to this effect of the energy drink. Yet, drinking and driving is never advisable as it brings immediate risks to the driver, passengers and others present on the road.

Advice and tips

Many who consume alcoholic energy drink combinations could be better served by avoiding such beverages altogether. However, those who plan can assist themselves by taking a number of different precautions. For example, the drinker should keep track of how much he or she has consumed. The individuals should also monitor their own behavior and that of others, as such drinks can clearly lower inhibitions. Eating starchy foods before or during the social gathering can also help to slow the rate of alcohol absorption overall.


Those who drink excessively, especially combining alcohol and energy drinks, could face numerous dangers. Many such drinkers could reap possible benefits from treatment, before facing serious health, legal or other personal consequences. Patients should not make the mistake of thinking that switching to alcohol alone is a proper solution, as this will do nothing to prevent alcoholic tendencies in specific cases.

Even those who continue to gulp energy drinks are advised to practice moderation. Florida Alcohol Addiction offers reliable information on warning signs of alcoholism that drinkers and those close to them should be aware of. For more information please contact us today at 866-220-5381.

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