Alcohol and smoking tendencies

The scene is a common one – a dimly lit bar with neon signs advertising popular alcoholic beverages. Perhaps a group a friends plays pool while they enjoy drinks and select favorite songs from a jukebox. Then one tells the others he is stepping out to the balcony for a smoke and asks if anyone wants to join him. Perhaps another has had a couple drinks and decides he is interested, though he rarely smokes when sober. Cigarettes are a common adjunct to other vices like alcohol and illicit drugs.

Careless disposal of cigarettes

Any establishment that practices good common sense will have one or more ashtrays or receptacles present in a smoking area, so that there is no reason for an irresponsible smoker to carelessly toss a butt that is not necessarily all the way out. Such smokers can present immediate dangers to everyone should they start a fire. The National Fire Protection Association states that fire departments responded to about 90,000 smoking-related fires in 2011.

Statistically speaking

Statistically, there is no denying a shockingly strong trend – anywhere from 80 to 95 percent of alcoholics also smoke cigarettes, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. These people are clearly doing great damage to their health, such as through liver disease associated with heavy drinking or lung cancer associated with having a smoking habit for several years. Many drinkers report alcohol increases the desire to smoke cigarettes, though obviously there are still many moderate drinkers who do not smoke at all.


Perhaps those who are in treatment for alcoholism can also benefit from a sort of smoking cessation program as well. Though legal, its common knowledge that a lifelong cigarette habit can be one of the most deadly addictions any adult can have. Each condition will need to be treated separately, as smoking can be quite physically addictive, whether alcohol is consumed or not.
There is also the possibility of group or family therapy to help ensure that alcohol or tobacco addiction does not resurface in the future. Alcoholics Anonymous or SMART Recovery, for example, could prove an excellent forum to discuss struggles with alcoholism or cigarette smoking others, perhaps gaining valuable advice along the way. In family therapy, relatives can learn how to best provide assistance and be empathetic toward the concerns of the recovering alcoholic. Florida Alcohol Addiction offers helpful and relevant information to those struggling with alcohol abuse so that the road to recovery can become a more real and lasting option for them. Please contact us today at 866-220-5381.

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