Break the abuse!

Do you or someone you love suffer from alcohol dependence? Alcohol dependence often manifests as a preoccupation with alcohol, a need for a drink in order to feel “normal,” and a lack of interest in once pleasurable activities. This pattern of abuse can be broken! Get back to your life with the help of proper treatment.

You have the power!

Alcohol dependence is a disease and should be treated as such. Rehabilitation centers provide healthy, innovative ways to achieve the first steps (or second steps) towards sobriety. People who break free of alcohol addiction are capable of living rich, fulfilling lives. You can be one of them.

Effects of alcohol addiction

The sooner you get sober, the better. Chronic alcohol use can lead to cirrhosis, a dangerous condition in which the liver is too damaged to function properly. It can also lead to Korsakoff’s syndrome, a debilitating form of dementia. Excessive drinking can cause heart problems, stroke and nerve damage. It’s estimated that alcohol reduces life expectancy by about 10 to 12 years. Find treatment and improve your life today!