Dangers of mixing alcohol and energy drinks

Alcohol energy drinks became popular in the second half of the last decade, but are now almost impossible to find since it has been forced off the market by the FDA and other authorities. However, the recent drinking trends of mixing alcoholic beverages with energy drinks have led to serious concerns.

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Justifying drinking? Beer, wine no better than hard liquor

Many who drink alcohol are often quick to have preconceived notions of what an alcoholic truly is and how they do not fit this stereotype themselves. For instance, one could point out to others that they only drink beer, wine or other similar drinks with relatively lower alcohol content, as opposed to hard liquor.

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Do alcoholics deserve liver transplant?

One of the most common concerns related to alcoholism is the way it adversely impacts many organs of the body, particularly the liver. Alcohol abuse over a prolonged period can eventually lead to liver disease, which is often life-threatening.

In the later stages, the only known cure to save an individual’s life is a liver transplant. However, a recipient must meet a number of strict eligibility criteria, such as not having drank alcohol for at least six months prior to the liver transplant.

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Dangers of Everclear and other extremely strong liquors

Alcoholism is clearly a real and serious illness and while some could choose beer or wine, others could choose hard liquor. This will offer the allure of becoming intoxicated considerably more quickly, due to the higher concentration of alcohol present, though some simply prefer the taste of mixed drinks overall for instance.

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Alcoholism and brain damage

There is no denying the negative impact that alcohol can have on brain functioning in those who abuse it chronically long enough. Yet just what are the specific risks that can occur in a person that has spent much of adulthood under the influence of this popular substance? The goal is not to scare an alcoholic into sobriety, but to make them aware of the real dangers he or she could otherwise be facing. Whereas moderate drinking does not present serious health risks to a drinker, drinking excessively on a regular basis can indeed put one’s wellbeing and life at risk. Read more