Study identifies genes associated with binge drinking in teens

Underage drinking is a serious threat to both an individual and the society he lives in. However, no research has been able to identify the causes of drinking among teenagers yet. There are times when teens consume large quantities of alcohol in a single session without realizing its potential harmful effects. But it has been observed that apart from curiosity to try new things, factors such as peer pressure, effect of social media, vacillating attitude of Americans toward drinking habits, defiant behavior against parents, and lack of information about the impact of alcohol on the body, are some of the reasons that draw teenagers to indulge in drinking. Read more

Understanding behavioral, emotional profile of drunk drivers may help control problem

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of cases involving drunk driving and alcohol-related deaths across the world. With one in three deaths caused by road crashes due to high blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the United States is fighting a tough battle. Those who get a thrill in dangerous driving are actually under the influence of disrupted behavioral patterns that make them feel that what they are doing is not risky or fraught with danger. Read more

Brain circuits responsible for binge drinking identified

Binge drinking has broken all barriers to become the leading cause of alcohol-related deaths. Heavy alcohol drinkers increase their risk of developing a wide range of deadly diseases. Binge drinking alone costs the U.S. economy nearly $170 billion annually. Read more