Is beer addictive?

Beer is an alcoholic drink that has become synonymous with many activities in the American culture. Besides drinking games on the college campuses revolving around it, it has emerged as a must-have beverage at every sporting event in the country and a go-to beverage on Friday nights and weekends. Read more

Cognitive remediation therapy beneficial in treating alcohol dependence

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a condition characterized by heavy consumption of alcohol over the lifetime. It is further associated with the occurrence of physical and behavioral symptoms, including strong cravings to drink, lack of control over its usage and developing tolerance and dependence. In fact, AUD is also responsible for causing health, family and social problems. Read more

Nutritious diet: Paces up recovery from alcohol addiction and overcomes impairments

A healthy and nutritious diet plays a pivotal role in speeding up recovery among patients trying to quit drinking and achieve sobriety. Since excessive drinking decreases the ability of absorption of nutrients and impairs most of the essential body functions, it is more than essential to maintain a healthy diet during recovery. Read more

Risks associated with alcohol addiction–4: Impact on fertility

A customary glass of wine during dinner or an occasional beer with friends does not hurt. The problem arises when moderate drinking tendencies turn into obsessive drinking behavior or the intake of alcohol becomes high on a single occasion and the trend continues for a prolonged period. Among all the adverse effects of alcohol consumption revealed by the scientists or widely communicated by various agencies at the federal level, the impact of drinking alcohol on fertility has become a matter of serious concern. Read more

Risks associated with alcohol addiction–3: Ramifications on the gastrointestinal tract

Excessive drinking is harmful, a fact that many are aware of but fail to realize the impact. Large quantities of alcohol consumed can cause adverse effects to any organ of the body as the excess quantity that the body cannot metabolize enters into the bloodstream. This is a matter of concern as alcohol has become one of the leading causes of death in America owing to the prevalent drinking culture among the youth and adults alike. Read more