Regular consumption of coffee can reduce alcoholic liver damage

Excessive consumption of alcohol is associated with innumerable health disorders. Alcohol-related liver disease is one of the most life-threatening conditions that occur after years of heavy drinking. Although it is not possible to reverse the damage completely, an October 2016 study showed that the inherent risk of alcoholic hepatitis can be reduced if people in the high-risk category drank coffee regularly. Previous studies had also revealed the beneficial effects of coffee on liver health. Read more

Is controlled drinking on campuses better than total abstinence?

Many youngsters prefer alcohol as the drug of choice. This is the reason why many young people today are more vulnerable to the serious outcomes of underage drinking than ever before. Of late, underage drinking has become a serious public health issue in the United States. Although drinking in school and college campuses are largely prohibited, many students partake in binge drinking even inside college campuses. Read more