Drinking: No more a male-dominated indulgence

Gender differences have historically been associated with drinking. Men are believed to be more involved in drinking alcohol than women. However, recent data shows that women are catching up fast with males even when it comes to drinking. Therefore, the trend of “sex convergence” is being increasingly witnessed among young adolescents. Read more

Implications of drinking on brain and behavior

Despite being aware of the implications of drinking, many people can’t stay away from having a peg or two. By consuming such a mood-altering substance for a prolonged period of time, one is likely to witness deceleration in the nerves responsible for passing messages throughout the body. As alcohol affects the parts of the brain responsible for self-control, one loses the capacity of judgement making and decision-making, coordinated communication and movement, etc. Read more

Role of endorphins in triggering feelings of happiness and alcohol addiction

Happiness is one of the feelings for which people can go to any extent to experience it. Unlike heavy drinking, moderate drinking or social drinking is widely accepted as a medium to destress and break the ice with people. In fact, many scientists also suggest that drinking induces happiness by triggering feel-good chemicals in the brain; however, even they have not been aware of the exact reason for this until now. Read more

Is there a genetic link to alcohol addiction?

Does alcohol addiction have a genetic link? Or simply put, is alcohol addiction hereditary? Though there is still no concrete proof to establish the link between genetic predisposition and alcohol addiction, one cannot deny the role of genetics in increasing the chances of developing alcoholism, maybe partially. Read more

Hangovers can be real torturous the morning after those drinks

Work hard, party harder! That seems to be the new age motto, especially for the youth. Young people have a tendency to work hard at their jobs and letting their hair down over the weekends. Weekend parties often result in uncontrolled drinking sessions and there is very little one can do to stop the turn of events. Read more