Why is it difficult to stop drinking?

Contrary to the popular belief thatit takes 21 days to make or break a habit,” it may require a fairly long time to give up a habit, in case certain conditions are not met. But, when it comes to alcohol, kicking the habit suddenly can be the hardest thing to do. In fact, quitting any addictive substance, be it alcohol or drugs, can be extremely difficult and requires a lot of grit and determination.   Read more

Tips to stay sober through the after-parties

The season of holidays and parties has just ended but that does not mean that people have stopped letting their hair down or having a good time. In fact after-parties are quite the rage. Drinks are more common in these after-parties than what people have during other seasons. Consequently, staying sober during such occasions becomes an uphill task. If someone has just given up alcohol or is trying to quit this habit, there are ways to avoid these tempting occasions, when one can easily slip into relapse, and stay sober. It is comparatively less inconvenient than as presumed by many. Read more

What are the Major Causes of Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol abuse often begins in the teenage years and leads to full blown addiction in some. While it is obvious that all users of alcohol do not become addicted to it, chances of developing an addiction are very high for teens who start using alcohol before the age of 15 years. Read more

Effect of alcohol addiction on families

Apart from wreaking havoc in the personal lives of people addicted to drinking, alcohol dependence can cause problems in all areas of one’s life. Alcohol addiction also destroys the family of the person addicted to it, fueling disputes and violence. Numerous relationships have been destroyed by alcohol and it is a leading cause of divorce and separation. Read more

Students’ inconsistent drinking pattern shows surge during celebrations: Study

Drinking and partying seem to be synonymous with teenagers. Celebrations and special occasions for teens are usually incomplete without alcohol. However, one can’t ignore the negative consequences of excessive drinking among youth. Read more