Effect of alcohol addiction on families

Apart from wreaking havoc in the personal lives of people addicted to drinking, alcohol dependence can cause problems in all areas of one’s life. Alcohol addiction also destroys the family of the person addicted to it, fueling disputes and violence. Numerous relationships have been destroyed by alcohol and it is a leading cause of divorce and separation.

It is important to be aware of the problems alcohol addiction can create for family members. In fact, the families may develop codependency, which may be harmful and stressful to cope with. Alcohol also creates many problems for the children and they may end up facing cognitive impairments.

Some of the reasons why alcoholics face problems in daily life are:

  • They neglect important duties: Alcohol abusers often suffer from cognitive impairments which may eventually cause them to neglect their duties and responsibilities related to work, family and society.
  • Often need time to overcome the hangover: Hangover may seem to be a short-term problem, but it often results in the person neglecting his/her commitments due to severe effects. It is also accompanied with various unhealthy habits, such as poor eating and neglecting exercise.
  • Legal complications: Alcohol consumption often results in the person losing self-control and getting into fights, disputes and violence that may create legal problems for such people.
  • Inability to quit at will: Alcohol consumption often leads to addiction and dependence. The person may be unable to get rid of alcohol and avoid other duties to be able to drink.

Family problems arise due to alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption often creates a number of problems for the family. If a partner is an alcoholic, the other often faces adjustment issues. Moreover, alcohol can cause the following family problems that may be costly in terms of both money and relationships.

  • Marital conflict
  • Infidelity
  • Domestic violence
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Financial instability
  • Stress
  • Jealousy
  • Divorce

A spouse’s alcohol abuse can also trigger emotions such as abandonment, unworthiness, guilt and self-blame. These emotions can result in codependency which can cause suffering and can be a reason for marital problems in families.

Effect on children

Children who have someone at home who abuses alcohol are always the forgotten victims. Lack of supervision, care and an unstructured home life may be the result of alcohol abuse. For a child who is yet to mature, this can turn out to be scary and painful. It may lead to many problems in the future. Many children are subjected to violence, abuse, neglect, financial strains and even malnourishment when the guardian is addicted to alcohol.

Children may also face separation from the family, homelessness and abandonment. The guardians may even be incarcerated or die due to alcohol abuse problems, leaving the children to fend for themselves. All of these issues can have a long-term, negative impact on the child’s growth and development. They themselves may become addicted to alcohol to understand or cope with their feelings. Children may also feel that they are destined for a substance abusing life.

Alcohol may also negatively affect one’s finances

Many families have to live in poverty and without money due to alcohol abuse problems. This can indirectly create problems such as lack of proper schooling for the children or domestic violence. Money may need to be increasingly spent on the medical care of the abuser as well.

Get rid of alcohol abuse

It is not true that all alcohol abusers tend to neglect their families. They may try to make everything right but since addiction changes their priorities, they may be unable to live up to their commitments.

If you are a victim of alcohol abuse, get rid of alcohol today and build a happy family. Alcohol addiction treatment in Florida can change your life. To know how you can avail alcohol dependence treatment in Florida, chat online with the Florida Alcohol Addiction Helpline counselors. Dial the 24/7 alcohol addiction helpline at 866-220-5381 for immediate relief.