How to set boundaries with a person dependent on alcohol

Dealing with a parent, a sibling, or even a spouse addicted to alcohol can be excruciatingly challenging. Until the time an individual dependent on alcohol agrees to seek help, it is important that he or she respects the other person’s boundaries and does not attempt to cross them. However, this is easier said than done because most of the time, people who create boundaries for their self-preservation, fail to take action, as and when the boundaries are crossed.

Listed below are some of the boundaries that must be built around if one has an individual dependent on alcohol in his/her circle.

1. No alcohol to be consumed when kids and adults around at home: One must make this boundary clear and ensure that a person dependent on alcohol understands and adheres to it. A person hooked on alcohol must be told that once children and even an adult or others are present at home, alcohol should be out of sight. A person hooked on alcohol must also be told that in case he or she crosses the boundary, the repercussions could be dire like he or she would be forced to stay somewhere else for a

2. Like-minded friends not invited: A person’s company can play an important role in pushing him or her into the world of illegal drugs or alcohol. Therefore, there must be a stringent boundary regarding the fact that an individual dependent on alcohol should never be allowed to socialize at home with people of the same kind. The person hooked on alcohol must understand that the repercussions of defying this rule could be grave.

3. On being arrested, he or she will not be bailed out: This is a serious, yet, an extremely important boundary. It must be conveyed to an individual dependent on alcohol that if due to any problem related to drinking, he or she gets convicted, he or she should not expect any support from the family. This boundary might inculcate a sense of fear or even responsibility in an individual dependent on alcohol.

4. Friends and family should be asked to refrain from financial assistance: It should be made clear to not only the person addicted to alcohol but also to the rest of the family members, close friends and associates of the individual that nobody should financially help the person. Every time, an individual wants a drink, it is natural that he would need money. It is quite possible that his addiction might have rendered him jobless, therefore, it is obvious that he is likely to ask for money from his folks. In addition, he might also resort to stealing money, therefore, one should be careful with the finances.

5. No one will cover for a person dependent on alcohol: The life of an individual dependent on alcohol is a complete mess. Therefore, to ensure that the atmosphere at home is peaceful, it is inevitable that a person dependent on alcohol must be told that no one is ever going to help him or her with any of the chores, like washing, ironing, cleaning, etc. In addition, because of the messed up life, if he or she reaches late for dinner, the same shall not be served under any circumstances. Lastly, if he or she is summoned by a court of cops, no one in the family would ever provide cover.

Seek treatment to overcome alcoholism

No matter how close you are to the person addicted to alcohol, it is imperative that certain boundaries are laid and it is ensured that they are being respected, and if ever crossed, it might lead to serious repercussions. If one continues to give importance to these boundaries then over time, an individual dependent on alcohol might take responsibility and seek help.

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