Signs of alcoholism in your partner

When dating someone, it can be hard to figure out if the person is a social drinker or a regular one. Drinking alcohol has become a socio-cultural phenomenon and a person with alcohol problem may find it safe to hide the issue. It becomes a tad difficult to spot someone with alcoholism, especially in the beginning of a relationship.

While something might give an indication that he/she is becoming increasingly dependent on alcohol, one can hardly pinpoint the exact time and situation. So, when can one’s relationship with alcohol be deemed “unhealthy” and how does one get to know if he/she is actually getting into a relationship with one of those affected? Here are some pointers that can be taken as warning signs:

  1. Finding social settings that complement the drinking habit: When a partner only attends events where there’s alcohol and maintains company of people who drink. It’s important to note ifall dates eventually end up with drinks.
  1. Drinking to relieve stress: Drinking becomes a way to cope up with stress, disappointments and unhappy moments. It becomes an escape route to deal with emotions and pressures of daily living. Alcohol becomes much more meaningful than relationships and people.
  1. Showing less signs of intoxication: When he/she has developed a superior tolerance for liquor, chances are it is through practice. Others may feel intoxicated after a drink or two but the affected personmay not slowdown.
  1. Displaying behavioral changes while drinking: Although there may be no visible signs of intoxication, the mood or personality may start changing after downing a couple of drinks. One can transform from a sweet, polite person to verbally abusive person or from being shy and quite to being aggressive and loud. Some people become excessively emotional and start crying and some cannot hold their laugh.
  1. Getting irritable when not drinking: Those with drinking problem find it hard to abstain from alcohol for a longer duration. They get irritable without their drink and can be very aggressive when provoked. During the period when they are not drinking, such people becomeunpredictable and unresponsive.
  1. Drinking when not planned: In this case, someone who has not planned to drink on a certain day can actually start doing so in the company of those already drinking.It becomes an excuse for not exercising self-control. If the plans are changing frequently, it may indicate that there’s a problem.
  1. Finding new ways to get alcohol: A person may cite financial problems in completing certain tasks but always has the money to satiate the desire to drink. If alcohol is being prioritized over other needs or financial obligations, there’s something wrong and it definitely needs attention.
  1. Being a victim of family history of alcoholism: Those with a family history of alcoholism are more likely to acquire the same habit, compared to others. Knowing a partner’s family and keepingeyes and ears open to spot the warning signs of a family member with history of drinking problemcan be an indicator of the underlying problem.

Seek expert opinion to treat alcohol addiction

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