Tips to stay sober through the after-parties

The season of holidays and parties has just ended but that does not mean that people have stopped letting their hair down or having a good time. In fact after-parties are quite the rage. Drinks are more common in these after-parties than what people have during other seasons. Consequently, staying sober during such occasions becomes an uphill task. If someone has just given up alcohol or is trying to quit this habit, there are ways to avoid these tempting occasions, when one can easily slip into relapse, and stay sober. It is comparatively less inconvenient than as presumed by many.

Irrespective of the fact whether one has stopped drinking for health or other reasons, it is always possible to relapse into alcohol addiction. So, the best way to stay sober is to avoid all the social gatherings associated with drinking, as peer pressure often forces one to drink and fall into the same trap again.

Here are some tips to help people make the best of the party season and still stay true to their abstinence from alcohol:

  1. Avoid risky parties: If people attend the parties that are meant to be a drinker’s delight, cravings may naturally come back to haunt them. To avoid falling into the trap, it is recommended to skip such parties. Though the advice may sound a bit boring, it will save one from ruining his or her health by overindulging in alcohol. During critical moments, such as holidays with families, one may be forced to drink again. Therefore, it is good to be in control of the situation and invest time in other activities.
  2. Drink non-alcoholic beverages: It’s not a rule that only indulgence in alcohol or addictive substances can enable people to enjoy the after-parties. There is fun in drinking non-alcoholic beverages, such as juices, flavored ice teas, etc., too. If one already has something in his or her hand, none can pressurize the person to have a drink. Such a smart gesture can actually dissuade people from succumbing to peer pressure.
  3. Practice a wiser “no:” Another way to not give in to peer pressure is by being assertive about not drinking. According to experts, a “no” that doesn’t invite further requests is a good alternative. Statements like, “No. I don’t want a drink and I’m trying to be healthy,” can prove beneficial when someone requests for a drink.
  4. Have a sober friend: People can ask a non-drinker friend or a family member to accompany them in social gatherings comprising drinks for support. It is better to have someone around who can support one in overcoming the craving for alcohol.
  5. Drinking a glass or two is fine: Many people just fret if they mistakenly drink a glass or two and consider that their promise to quit drinking has been broken. However, it should not be so. One should not dread that by drinking a glass or two occasionally, as a matter of courtesy, he or she will start drinking heavily. During such times, one should put himself or herself in control and not just lose their cool.
  6. Engage in fun events: Quitting alcohol does not mean disconnecting with friends. People should invest time in building new relationships, and memories, especially those who are trying to quit drinking. It is also said that exercising is a good way to meet friends.

Seek help to enjoy life

It is always good if one can get rid of alcohol through his or her own efforts. But if one can’t, there are many support groups and rehabilitation programs to address this challenge. One of the best ways is to contact the helplines and seek appropriate guidance and counseling.

If you or someone you love one is wrestling with the problem of alcohol addiction, it is recommended to contact the Florida Alcohol Addiction Helpline counselors. To know more about the best alcohol addiction treatment in Florida or best alcohol rehab centers in Florida, you can chat online and also call us at our 24/7 helpline number 866-220-5831.