Tips to tame guilt during alcohol addiction recovery

Once a person enters recovery, he or she is swarmed with a feeling of extreme guilt. During an addiction, one is only concerned about procuring the next drink or dose of drug and in the process, one is least concerned about the harm caused to the self and people connected to them. Addiction is a chronic disease that can affect a person’s health, relationships, finances, job and even home. However, one can do absolutely nothing about the past. Therefore, one must be able to deal with these guilt pangs effectively, so as not to feel so helpless that relapse occurs and one gets into a vicious cycle of addiction and relapse.

The past will present itself as an open wound if one will revisit it again. One must be able to heal this wound for good to march forward in life, without any baggage and remorse. Listed below are some strategies which can help one navigate happily through the recovery, without getting weighed down by guilt pangs:

Starting all over again

Once in recovery, a person must try hard to let go of the past. Although it is easier said than done, one must get skilled at this. Whenever there is a flashback, one should try getting distracted because no matter what, one can do absolutely nothing about the past. Life in recovery should be thought as a second lease. One should be thankful for getting over addiction. The past should be taken as a lesson, not as a deterrent.

Mending the mistakes

Addiction is a parasite that affects each and every area of one’s life. It is possible that due to an addiction in the past, one might have faced problems like:

  • tiff with loved ones
  • legal issues
  • debts and other financial concerns
  • loss of job
  • loss of home

To start all over again, it is crucial to rectify the mistakes of the past. Addiction is so consuming that one might not be fully aware of the extent of damage caused by it. Recovery is a time to introspect and reflect. This is the time to rekindle old bonds, to sort out all the legal and financial hassles. This is the time to set small goals spanning all areas of life and to work towards achieving them with utmost sincerity.

Practicing gratitude and reaching out

One should be thankful to the God, to the loved ones and professionals who helped him/her in conquering addiction. One can start volunteering at a rehab or with any support group involved in helping people combat addiction. This can bring a lot of peace to those who want to move over the past and come out of the guilt pangs.

Past was just a phase

The past was a small phase of life and let it not dictate the present and future. It is absolutely normal to feel moderately guilty. Over time, making amends, pursuing new goals will help erase the bad memories and build a new life. However, if you are getting overwhelmed and are not able to get rid of the flashbacks and feel drawn toward alcohol again, maybe you need to seek professional help.

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