Top 10 warning signs of alcohol addiction

A person who abuses alcohol on a consistent basis, regardless of the negative implications that it can have on his life and the life of his kith and kin, is considered to have an alcohol use disorder. Though it is often difficult to determine whether someone is addicted to alcohol or not, recognizing the warning signs at an early stage can help prevent long-term consequences of the devastating habit.

In initial stages, it can be difficult to identify whether someone is a hardcore alcoholic or an occasional drinker, since very subtle changes can take place in an individual’s behavior. However, some of the warning signs of alcohol addiction are:

Drinking secretively: One of the important indications of alcohol addiction is drinking secretly when alone as enlisted by The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). Alcoholics often hide alcohol bottles in or around the house at places where it is easy for them to access it and drink concealing it from others.

Making excuses for drinking: Persons with alcohol addiction problem often look for opportunities to drink, be it good or bad circumstances, celebration, achievements, or, sometimes, without any apparent reason.

Getting defensive: Most alcoholics often show quite defensive behavior when somebody confronts them about their drinking habit. At times, they may also show very aggressive behavior for being questioned about too much drinking.

Increased tolerance effects: People involved in heavy drinking often develop a tolerance for alcohol. Such individuals have decreased sensitivity to alcohol and drink more and more to get the same effects.

Physiological need for alcohol intake: At times, alcohol becomes a compulsion to such an extent that an individual needs to drink regularly in order to carry out his day to day activities.

Mood swings and violent behavior: A person dependent on alcohol often shows different moods during alcohol use and during the time when he or she does not get alcohol. People with alcohol dependence often show violent behavior while drinking. According to the NIAAA, alcohol consumption and violent behavior are strongly interrelated.

Drinking at any time: A person with alcohol addiction often starts drinking alcohol at any time during the day, including early morning, after an afternoon lunch, or before going to bed.

Changes in lifestyle and daily activities: Alcoholics often overlook their daily activities in favor of a drink. In doing so, they usually experience various lifestyle changes such as missing out on important tasks, showing depreciation in performance at work and even neglecting proper nutrition, personal hygiene, as well as physical appearance.

Social isolation: Heavy drinkers often become socially isolated and tend to avoid people. They are often late at their work, refuse to attend social gatherings with family and friends and lose interest in their hobbies and creativities.

Physical symptoms: A person who has drinking problem may experience different physical symptoms such as nausea, sweating, anxiety, shakiness in the morning, blackouts, hangovers, skin changes ,bad breath and stomach problems, etc.

Finding Help

Drinking alcohol in limited quantities is permissible, however, opting for it at every possible opportunity can ruin one’s health, relationships and social life. Therefore, it is always better for an individual to know his limits so that they can avoid health problems. One should remember that alcohol is not a savior but a silent killer.

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